Types of Circuit Testers:

Technical Details:


Igniter Circuit Testers are ohmmeters that measure the resistance of electro-explosive circuits such as rocket igniters, explosive bolts, squibs, and blasting caps; using a test current which is as much as 1000 times less than a conventional precision low resistance ohmmeter.

We offer the following types of Circuit Testers:

Portable Igniter Circuit Testers
Single channel

Portable Igniter Circuit Testers
  • Manual and automated testers
  • For field testing of squibs and fuzes
  • Failsafe testers
  • Standard 10 mA failsafe current
  • Rechargeable battery powered
Benchtop and Rack Mount Igniter Circuit Testers
Single Channel, Remote control and readout

Squib Testers
  • For integration into a multi-channel tester
  • Or use as a standalone tester
  • Failsafe testers
  • Standard 10 mA failsafe current
  • Benchtop or rack mount versions
  • Remote reading and remote control from a computer
  • Measurement data recording
Multi-Channel Igniter Circuit Testers
Remote control and readout

Multi-Channel Igniter Circuit Testers
  • Measure multiple circuit paths
  • Remote control and readout
  • Automated tests available
  • Multi-channel testers
  • Standard 10 mA failsafe current
  • Rack mounted
  • Measure resistance, diodes, and stray voltages
  • Check measured values against pass/fail criteria
Automated Test Equipment (ATE)
Failsafe and non-failsafe tests

Multi-Channel Automated Testers
  • Modular testers
  • Custom-made for customer application
  • Failsafe tests (resistance, diode, stray voltages)
  • Non-failsafe tests (voltage, current, actuation of payload)
  • Multiple circuit paths
  • Rack mounted or cabinet mounted
  • Explosion-proof Class I and Class II available

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