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FBD200 force balance dynamometer
Model FBD200
with Mass Mockup of a Cubesat



From measuring static and dynamic unbalance of a satellite in a vacuum chamber to balancing inertia wheels, the FBD series of force balance dynamometers offers a high accuracy solution for demanding applications.

This instrument measures both center of gravity and product of inertia of payloads. System software collects unbalance data, reports unbalance information, calculates correction mass solutions, and measures the residual unbalance of the payload after balancing.


Our force balance dynamometers use a unique design that provides key advantages:

Static and Dynamic Balancing - The FBD instrument measures center of gravity and product of inertia simultaneously. Static balancing along two axes and dynamic balancing in two planes can be performed simultaneously.

Vacuum Compatibility - Our FBD can be made in vacuum compatible versions for use in a vacuum chamber. This allows measurement of spacecraft or other objects without air drag. In particular the FBD series do not use any air or oil for operation.

Large Thermal Range - The FBD series can be calibrated and used over a wide range of temperatures, for measurement of spacecraft balance at different temperature points.

Compact height - The FBD series have been designed with reduced height (less than 12 inches / 30 cm for the large FBD2200) to take minimum space in a vacuum or thermal chamber. This maximizes the dimensions of the payload that can be tested in the chamber.

High Measurement Sensitivity - FBD instruments have the same sensitivity as our POI series which feature the best accuracy in the world for low spin speed balancing.

• Satellites (spinning about their own bearings)
• Satellites (non-spinning)
• Inertia Wheels

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