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Model 101-5HJ-NAV igniter circuit tester
Model 101-5HJ-NAV with test leads
Product Literature:
 Igniter Circuit Testers Product Sheet
 Igniter Circuit Testers Specifications

Technical Article:
Theory of Operation

Typical Applications

Missiles and bombs:
• Missiles Squib circuits
• Detonators
• Fuzes in sensor-fuzed weapons
• Fuzes in missile simulators and targets

• Blasting caps, explosive primers

• Airbag squib circuit
• Belt pretensioner circuit

• Squib circuit ground studs of the
engine fire extinguisher bottles
• Resistance of pressure cartridge of escape slides

• Pyro-firing initiator
• Explosive bolts


From checking missile fuzes to testing airbag squib circuits, Space Electronics' 101-5HJ series of fail-safe circuit testers can measure resistances with great accuracy while dramatically reducing the risks of accidental detonations because of their built-in fail-safe modules.

Our igniter circuit testers are specialized fail-safe ohmmeters that measure the resistance of electro-explosive circuits, using a test current which is a 1000 times less than a conventional precision low resistance ohmmeter.

Our 101-5HJ-NAV tester is a direct replacement for the discontinued Alinco 101 tester. Our tester overcomes the defects that made the Alinco 101 unsafe.


Fail-safe module limits test current. Since excessive test current could cause bodily injury or death, protection for all modes of failure or operator error is built into the tester. A sealed, tamperproof, fail-safe module guarantees that the test current will be less than 10 mA even under worst case conditions of simultaneous failure of multiple circuit elements.

Ease of operation - Direct reading. No need to balance bridge or subtract test lead resistance. The 4-wire test leads, which automatically compensate for lead resistance, are attached to the igniter circuit and the appropriate range button is depressed.  The digital LCD readout then displays resistance.

0.001 ohm resolution. A milliammeter and three built-in precision resistors permit verification of test current and accuracy.

Genuine Portability - These testers are housed in a small "military" type case with a carrying handle and space for storage of test leads.


Our igniter circuit testers have been approved by the US Navy for measurement of munitions and rocket motor igniters.


Measuring igniter circuits is necessary to make sure that the circuit will work when it is needed:
• For the military, it is critical to avoid duds (unexploded ordnance) which could be turned by the enemy into IED (improvised explosive devices).
• In an aircraft, the critical items that need to work when ignited are the fire extinguishers (in case of an engine fire) and the emergency slides.
• In an automobile, airbags and seat belt pretensioners need to work 100% of the time in case of an accident.


Be wary of "lab type" instruments which have been modified for igniter circuit testing. 
Testing explosive devices can be a matter of life and death. 
There are some instruments on the market which can explode the device being tested if the instrument malfunctions.


Model Description
101-5HJ-NAV Military approved.   This is our basic tester
101-5HJ-NAVR Rack mount version of our basic tester
Range (Ohm) Resolution (Ohm) Accuracy (Ohm)
19.999 0.001 0.01
199.99 0.01 0.05
1999.9 0.1 0.5
199.99K 0.01K 1.0K
Model Description
101-5HJ-NAV-3 Lower Cost Version- no mA meter & reduced accuracy
(available in quantities of 10 or more only)
Range (ohm) Resolution (ohm) Accuracy (ohm)
19.999 0.001 0.03
199.99 0.01 0.1
1999.9 0.1 1
199.99K 0.01K 2.0K

For all testers:
• Terminal Configuration: 4 wire (Kelvin)
• Power: Rechargeable internal battery
• Temperature Range: 0 - 50oC
• Size: 20 cm. wide X 18 cm. deep X 22 cm. high
• Weight: 1.5 Kg
• Case: "Military" type with handle and cable storage

Option 2A Ranges 20 ohm, 200 ohm, 2K ohm, 2M ohm
Option 2B Ranges 20 ohm, 200 ohm, 200K ohm, 2M ohm
Option 3A 0.8mA failsafe current, 200 ohm lowest range
Option 4 AC Power Pack with isolation & zener barrier
SE9912 Explosion Proof version of Option 4 (was opt. 4EX)
SE90036 Key shorting switch w/10 ft. Cable (was opt. 8)
SE90036A Extra test cable (specify Length - price per foot)
SE9838 Extra set of alligator clip leads (was opt. 9)
Option 13 Connector to mate with our tester
Option 19 Additional four-wire Kelvin probes
SE9511 Replacement battery charger
SE9511-EU Replacement battery charger - European (220V)
SE9512 Replacement battery pack with over-current protection
SE9563A Replacement failsafe module (factory repair only)
SE9667 Replacement DPM - Liquid Crystal Display  (LCD)
SE9682A Replacement Ammeter (10mA) to verify test current

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