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Model 101-SQB-RAK squib tester
Model 101-SQB-RAK squib tester

SQUIB TESTER (Resistance and Diode tester)
Remote Control and Readout


Designed for testing squibs and other electrically detonated ordnance, Space Electronics' SQB series of squib testers can test diodes and measure resistances with great accuracy while dramatically reducing the risks of accidental detonations because of their built-in fail-safe modules.

Our squib testers are specialized fail-safe electronic testers that measure components of electro-explosive circuits, using a test current which is a 1000 times less than a conventional precision low resistance tester.

Our SQB squib testers come in several versions:
- The tabletop or rack-mounted 101-SQB-BTP is a single channel unit with safe connection to external power. It comes in two different packagings, either as a benchtop unit or a standard 19" rack.
- The portable 101-SQB-PTU is a stand-alone unit meant to be used in the field.
- The rack-mounted 102-SQB-RAK is a dual-channel unit with safe connection to external power. It is a dual-channel equivalent to the 101-SQB-BTP.
- The multi-channel 1xx-SQB-BTP is a benchtop or rack-mounted multi-channel unit (xx indicates the number of channel between 2 and 128). It is permanently plugged in through a safe connection to external power.
- The squib testing module 101-SQB-RAK for integration in a rack with an isolated power system (not provided). This is meant to be implemented as the core of a multi-channel tester.


Missiles and bombs:
• Missiles Squib circuits
• Missile harness testing (internal or

• Thrust vector motor control and
feedback elements

• Resistive and diode circuit paths
• Measure continuity and isolation
between any circuit paths available on
external connectors

• Fuzes in sensor-fuzed weapons
• Fuzes in missile simulators and targets


Detect missing or broken wires in the 4 wire test leads to the UUT. Diagnose and locate wiring errors that other testers would show as a resistance or open circuit reading.

Fail-safe module limits test current. Since excessive test current could cause bodily injury or death, protection for all modes of failure or operator error is built into the squib tester. A sealed, tamperproof, fail-safe module guarantees that the test current will be less than 10 mA even under worst case conditions of simultaneous failure of multiple circuit elements.

Quick Reading. Squib tester stabilizes readings in less than 2 seconds. Reading is truly stable and clearly legible for operator (no interpretation between fluctuating values).

Measurement Reading Ease. Our squib testers have a large format LCD display, with clear indication of range being measured, status of battery, status of calibration, and large format reading values including units. Reduces operator error through misreading.

Ease of operation - Direct reading. 4-wire test leads arrangement, which automatically compensate for lead resistance.

Genuine Portability (101-SQB-PTU version) - These squib testers are housed in a small "military" type case with a carrying handle and space for storage of test leads.

Weatherproof enclosure (101-SQB-PTU version). The squib tester is enclosed in a weatherproof case that seals the electronics from damage from water spray, humidity, and dust environments.

Digitally calibrated. Calibration of the squib tester is performed digitally, with no requirement to open the meter or trim internal or external potentiometers. The calibration kit consists of software, UUT cable, and all necessary interfaces to connect the meter to a regular Windows-based desktop or laptop computer.

Optional calibration standards available. This provides a set of NIST traceable resistors that have been calibrated to the ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 standard.

Remote Readout and Remote Control is available for all testers. Optional software allows complete operation of the tester from a computer system.

Record Measurement Data. Data logging is available. Measurements are stored in a database. Engineers can program manual or automated test sequences through scripting software. A full report of a UUT can be printed out or exported to Excel. Statistical analysis of UUT's can be performed.

Switching Matrix. A front end to interface with multiple circuit paths is available. Customization of the front end will ensure your exact requirements are met.

Fiberoptic Interface is standard on all squib tester units. It is used for calibration, remote operation, data logging, and integration into a rack-mount multi-channel tester. Connection is fiberoptic to ensure safe meter integration and physical separation between the computer's power system and the squib.

Isolated Power Supply. The power supply of our squib tester is 100% floating for safety isolation between power source and the squib. This eliminates current leakage between the UUT and earth ground, and between the meter and earth ground. As a consequence the UUT can be earth-grounded without corrupting measurement accuracy.

Immune to differences in lead resistances. Our squib testers are specifically designed to withstand unequal lead resistances on the 4 wire cable lines.


Model Description
101-SQB-BTP Standalone unit, benchtop or rack-mount version
101-SQB-PTU Portable version
102-SQB-RAK Dual-channel equivalent to 101-SQB-BTP, rack-mounted
101-SQB-RAK Squib testing module only (no power supply)
for inclusion in a multi-channel tester
Range (Ohm) Resolution (Ohm) Accuracy (% of full scale)
20 0.001 0.05%
200 0.01 0.025%
2K 0.1 0.025%
20K 1 0.05%
200K 10 0.5%
2M 100 1%
Diode Test: Voltage Readout

For all squib testers:
• Terminal Configuration: 4-wire
• Power: Rechargeable internal battery for 101-SQB-PTU, no power provided for 101-SQB-RAK, safe connection to external power supply for 101-SQB-BTP and 102-SQB-RAK squib testers.
• Case: "Military" weatherproof type with handle and cable storage for 101-SQB-PTU squib tester, 2U (19") rack for rack-mount version of 101-SQB-BTP squib tester and for 102-SQB-RAK, and rugged aluminum case for benchtop version of 101-SQB-BTP squib tester.

SE90244 Battery Switching Solution 101-SQB-BTP
SE90245 Key shorting switch w/10 ft. Cable ALL VERSIONS
SE90246 6-foot 4-wire UUT cable assembly with 2 alligator clips ALL VERSIONS
SE90247 6-foot 4-wire UUT cable assembly with 2 pin tip connectors ALL VERSIONS
SE90248 6-foot 4-wire UUT cable assembly with 2 banana plugs ALL VERSIONS
SE90249 6-foot 4-wire UUT cable assembly with four 6-inch flying leads ALL VERSIONS
SE90250 6-foot 4-wire calibration cable assembly with 4 banana plugs ALL VERSIONS
SE90251 8-inch power connector cable 101-SQB-RAK
SE90253 Spare US Charger Assembly (110-120V) 101-SQB-PTU
SE90254 Spare European Charger Assembly (220-240V) 101-SQB-PTU
SE90262 ST Fiber optic to Ethernet converter module


SE90263 ST Fiber optic to USB converter module 101-SQB-PTU
SE90264 Calibration Kit ALL VERSIONS
SE90265 Power Cable, 18" long with 6" flying leads 101-SQB-RAK
SE90266 UUT Cable, 18" long with 6" flying leads 101-SQB-RAK
SE90272 Calibration Software Disk ALL VERSIONS
SE90301 Software for remote control and readout. Includes data logging and scripting. ALL VERSIONS

Custom options are available such as voltage and current measurement. Please contact us with your specifications.

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