Measure Mass Properties With Extreme Accuracy. Test Igniter Circuit Integrity In Total Safety.
Space Electronics offers our own extensive range of Mass Properties Measurement Instruments and Igniter Circuit Testers for developers of high-performance aerospace, defense and automotive systems who have to prove their designs will perform as required.
  • Highest Accuracy: Space Electronics sets the standard for the most accurate measurement of Center of Gravity, Moments of Inertia and Products of Inertia.
  • Safety is Paramount: Our Single and Multi-Channel Igniter Circuit Testers feature a unique approach to safety. Redundant circuits and mechanisms that guarantee test current remains several orders of magnitude below ignition levels.
  • Groundbreaking Solutions: We are so much more than measurement systems. For example, our Precision Gas Bearings allow friction-free rotation, ideal for satellite attitude control system testing in a simulated space environment.
  • Exceptional Product Reliability: Our instruments routinely operate fault free for 20 years or more. We maintain and upgrade our equipment regardless of its age.
  • Demonstrated Customer Satisfaction: Since 1959, we have built our reputation on being totally responsive to our customers' issues and concerns. The result is a 100% customer retention rate.

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New 1n-SQB-BTP Series of Multi-Channel Igniter Circuit Testers In Use Across Aerospace and Defense Industries

Space Electronics is a member of SAWE.
About Space Electronics
We are the leading manufacturer of mass properties measurement instruments for aerospace, defense and automotive applications. Pioneers in the field, our instruments are the most accurate in the world.               

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Announcing Space Electronics’ Expanded Laboratory Measurement Services
Space Electronics’ new Measurement Services Laboratory is now open for business. Dartmouth College inaugurated the new lab with a series of measurements on our POI50 Spin Balance Machine.